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Malta's casino license is a very popular offering among online casinos. The regulators are the Malta Gaming Authority and are responsible for both online casinos and traditional, land-based casinos in Malta. Malta is considered a pioneer in the regulation of online gaming . They are today regarded as a respected institution by all actors around Europe. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you train to understand Malta Gaming Authority.

Who is the Malta Gaming Authority and what kind of gaming license do they provide online casinos?

Malta is located far out in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia. At the beginning of the 21st century, the country debated how to regulate the electronic gaming market as it had become very popular. The country wanted to draft a law to provide a safe and secure gaming environment. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was founded in 2001 and its original name was the Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA). Today, MGA is one of the most important regulators in iGamingen. MGA plays with open cards and you will find all information about their processes under Frequently Asked Questions.

MGA's role is to select reliable gaming operators that ensure that casino games work well. MGA also acts as an intermediary between players and operators if serious problems arise. The licenses issued impose many requirements and obligations on the companies that have received them. The obligations are the same whether the casinos offer casino games, sports betting or poker. The primary obligations in their gaming license apply to age control and the granting of protective measures in connection with responsible gaming. Other obligations to which the casinos bind are the requirement to verify the identity of the players and the operators 'obligations to respond to the players' complaints within a reasonable time.

The Malta Gaming Authority has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. Here are the key points for their casino license.

  • Their mission is to issue casino licenses to casinos in order to protect the player's interests.
  • MGA will ensure that the casinos respect their responsible gaming obligations to prevent gambling addiction. The casinos will also introduce measures to prevent criminal activity. They also have to make sure that those who play are of ordinary people.
  • MGS's licenses apply to both land-based casinos and online casinos.
  • To confirm if an online casino is licensed by MGA you can visit the casino and look for the MGA logo at the bottom of the front page. By clicking on the logo you will be redirected to MGA's website where you can see if the casino's gaming license Malta is valid or not. If in doubt, you can contact MGA directly and they will help you.

We can highlight some points that will make it even easier to understand MGA and their important role

  1. MGA is extremely influential in the iGaming world. Every year, the hosts of the SiGMA conference are held in Malta. This is a large, international conference that covers everything in the iGaming industry.
  2. MGA can grant 4 different licenses: a casino game license, a sports betting license, a poker license, and a license regulating the activity of the gaming vendors and operators. The four licenses come with different obligations as well as different tax rates.
  3. MGA works impartially, which can be seen by visiting their website. The licensor works openly and responsibly, and they respect both players and operators.
  4. Do you doubt whether your casino is licensed even if the logo appears on the casino page? You can easily identify which licensors are licensed by finding a search feature on the site where you can search for valid licensed operators.

The Malta Gaming Authority has a good reputation in the industry and helps many online casinos every year

Are you ready for MGA Entertainment? To be entertained by a casino that has such a splendor license? MGA's license is very popular with online casinos, which is why you will find many casinos that have such a quality stamp on their site. You can easily see if the website you want to play on has a license number for it to be clearly displayed on the website. By playing at a casino that has such a license that Malta offers you will be guaranteed safe and fair gaming. Don't waste your precious time, sign up and play at a casino found in our top 5 list at the top of this page. These are good casinos where you get help opening an account and there is guaranteed fair play.