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What are live casinos?

In live casinos you play at real tables for profit. In contrast to online casino games that work with virtual tables, live croupiers are available at live casinos. Through a live stream you can see all the actions that the live dealer or other participants perform

In live casinos you play at real tables for profit. In contrast to online casino games that work with virtual tables, live croupiers are available at live casinos. Through a live stream you can see all the actions that the live dealer or other participants perform.

How do you play in live casinos?

In order to play in live casinos, one must open an account with an on-line casino offerer. Depending on the provider, you then have the option of downloading an extra software client. Many online casinos make it anyway possible to play all games directly in the browser. As soon as you are logged in, you can open the Live Casino area and choose a table after you have deposited.

Step-by-step instructions: Playing in the live casino

1. Open Online Casino Account: Our tip is to choose a provider who also offers a live casino bonus.

2. Make a deposit: To use the welcome bonus, you usually have to make a deposit. In order to be able to take place at the tables of the live casino, one must be able to show money in the customer account. Otherwise you can not place any bets.

3. Open Live Casino: Mostly, the direct link to the Live Casino can be found in the menu selection of the online casino. If necessary, however, one must use the search.

4. Select table and game: On the one hand, it's about which game you want to play. So whether you want to play roulette, blackjack or baccarat. On the other hand, one must also choose which table is eligible. Depending on the table, the minimum and maximum limits are different. So look at the selection.

5. Place your bet: Let's go! All you have to do is place your bet and it's time to hunt for high profits!

What are the advantages of a live casino?

There are a number of benefits to playing live casino games online. For example, playing with real dealers and croupiers creates a unique feel, a special flair. There is more atmosphere almost only in a real casino. In addition, in a live casino, the player has the opportunity to even have a nice chat with the dealers or croupiers. A not to be underestimated factor, because finally relax such conversations the mood at the table clearly. In addition, the player has the advantage of the dealer or croupier at work to look over his shoulder to observe his actions exactly.

It does not matter whether it's dealing the cards in blackjack or poker or throwing the ball into the roulette wheel. Even mixing the already played cards is done in a live casino by hand and in front of the player. This, of course, ensures great transparency. Although almost all online casinos are now licensed, live casinos provide one or the other player with the necessary extra security, as he can track every step of the staff live on screen.

Another advantage is that the player also gets a little change from the traditional, computer-based games. These may become a bit monotonous after a certain time, especially since you usually start alone here and play against the bank. In a live casino, on the other hand, in blackjack with up to seven players, you sit together at the gaming table and look forward to fighting for the number 21. Some vendors even have something else to offer their customers: If you play in a live casino, you may be able to determine the camera angle from which the game will be broadcast. For example, in roulette you put the focus on the pay tank or in blackjack you choose a setting that looks like you are sitting right at the table.

Betsoft – a Known Name for Online Casino Games
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Betsoft – a Known Name for Online Casino Games

Betsoft Casinos is a strong supplier of software for online casinos . Here there are first-class gaming experiences made by people who have a lot of experience and expertise. Betsoft casinos were established as early as 2000 and have ever since produced quality software for casinos around the world. In fact, over 40 of the most popular games on the market today come from just Betsoft casinos.

Betsoft Casino Software

Some online casinos only offer a few of their games as a non-downloadable version. Or a version you can play right in your browser using Flash technology. But not Betsoft casinos! Here you can play every single game right in the browser too! And graphics and sound are just as good in Flash mode as in downloadable version. Furthermore, Betsoft casino software, or software, has made it possible for you to play in all different browsers because they have used HTML 5 technology. The games from Betsoft casinos work just as well anyway. And the software from Betsoft casinos is flexible so it can be used with other software. This allows online casinos to give their players the chance to enjoy their Betsoft casinos as well as other third party games.

You can also play an increasing number of Betsoft casinos games on the mobile in the mobile version as well. Betsoft casinos are constantly working to further develop their software to suit their users' needs. And the one in the world we live in today is increasingly mobile. We use phones and tablets everywhere. So Betsoft casinos work with apps and the like that allow you to play their games right on your mobile, whether you have an Android phone or using iOS. However, since Betsoft casinos use HTML 5 technology, software and games can be used in any browser regardless of type and screen size and also in mobile devices.

Betsoft Casino Slot Machines

You almost have to discover for yourself how amazing Betsoft casinos their slot machines are. There are so many to choose from. Betsoft casinos have around 150 games in their portfolioand all light quality. What is safe to know for you as a player is that each of these games has been tested for fair play and that winnings are randomly distributed. Here's just getting ready for big play! Especially the slot machines SlotFather, Heist and Mad Scientist, Betsoft Gaming is very well known for. SlotFather is a mafia inspired slot machine based on the famous movie the Godfather, or Godfather in Norwegian. This is a slot machine without a progressive jackpot. This Slot Machine has 5 reels, 30 slots and is a 3D Slot Machine. SlotFather was one of the first slot machines that Betsoft casinos produced and remains one of the players' major favorites.

The most amazing thing about Betsoft casinos' slot machines is that they combine the stylish design from yesterday with the future of 3D slot machines. You can play for hours without getting tired of the colors, designs, sounds and extra features that Betsoft casinos provide you.

Betsoft in an Online Casino

Worldwide, there are over 250 casinos using Betsoft casinos' software on their sites. Betsoft casinos' software is therefore available in several different languages and in different currencies. Ruby Fortune is a casino that has Betsoft casinos its software and games available on its site. The giant Red Bet casino has also chosen to take advantage of this fantastic software provider. Furthermore, you can also find games and software from Betsoft casinos at the large online casino 365Casino. Here's where Betsoft casinos are one of the 31 game providers to the side, so here's just holding your tongue in your mouth when you find the games from Betsoft casino.

Neteller - Known, Safe and Easy Payment Solution for Online Casino
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Neteller - Known, Safe and Easy Payment Solution for Online Casino

In the early 2000s, Neteller casino accounted for 80% of all transactions to online casinos. Neteller makes it easier for you to play online, send and receive money in addition to fast transfers. Here we talk about secure and online payments when you need it. With Neteller you can be sure that your money is safe both when you deposit and make withdrawals. In our Neteller review you can find out why you should choose Neteller for your online transfers. We also help you find your Neteller casino where you can get both bonuses and free games!

This is a very well known name for those who play online. How does Neteller work for those who use it?

This is a familiar name to many. But what is Neteller and how does Neteller work for those who use it? Neteller is an e-wallet, or e wallet, which was founded by Optimal Payments PLC in 1999. Neteller is an online payment system regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA). Although Neteller is not officially considered a Neteller bank, the Neteller system operates under something that may also look more like a traditional banking system. And there's a lot to do with Neteller as a payment solution and your Neteller bank account. You can also transfer money quickly to Neteller to fill up your Neteller account. Funds held by Neteller are stored in separate and well-secured accounts. This is because if Neteller should go bankrupt, then the customers' money is still secured. Such smart solutions make Neteller one of the most popular online payment solutions. Neteller actually has more than 1 million account holders worldwide. These account holders are distributed over more than 200 countries. As a Neteller customer, you can also order a debit card and use your online account on a daily basis, just as when you use a Visa / Mastercard. Neteller helps players transfer money between accounts and complete withdrawals and deposits at online casinos. Then the players can be sure that the money will end up in the right account. Neteller makes an extremely large number of such transfers per day. As a Neteller customer, you can also order a debit card and use your online account on a daily basis, just as when you use a Visa / Mastercard. Neteller helps players transfer money between accounts and complete withdrawals and deposits at online casinos. Then the players can be sure that the money will end up in the right account. Neteller makes an extremely large number of such transfers per day. As a Neteller customer, you can also order a debit card and use your online account on a daily basis, just as when you use a Visa / Mastercard. Neteller helps players transfer money between accounts and complete withdrawals and deposits at online casinos. Then the players can be sure that the money will end up in the right account. Neteller makes an extremely large number of such transfers per day.

We refer to a simple and secure system when making transfers to your Neteller account

Neteller makes an extremely large number of bank transfers per day. In the early 2000s, Neteller accounted for 80% of all online casinos transactions. More people today use Neteller to transfer money in a fast and secure way. Here are the safe and easy methods for online transfers of deposits and withdrawals both to casinos and when you have to pay for other goods online. To use Neteller you just need to enter your Neteller ID and your security ID. In addition, you must enter your personal password. After that, just enter the amount you want to send from your account and the transfer will take place immediately. Neteller has fees other than Skrill or PaysafeCard when using the payment solution to move money in and out of your account. You will find this information on the website.

How are Neteller's experiences when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals in the casino with Neteller?

Good Neteller experience shows how easy it is to use Neteller when it comes to making withdrawals at several online casinos. Then you transfer money you've won to your account so you can withdraw it. People who use Casino Neteller do not have to enter their bank information or credit card on every single website they visit. When you use this payment solution it holds that you have provided the information there. When you pay on other websites, you enter your Neteller information and you are verified that way instead. This enables Neteller to make fast and secure transactions or transfers on a bunch of websites. So all you need is practically entering your private information with Neteller and thus saving a lot of your time online. At Neteller you choose how much time a Neteller transfer should take. With the online casino Neteller you can use several different payment methods. Therefore, there are also different time frames in all Neteller casinos when it comes to executing different transactions. Once you have completed your Neteller deposit you can start playing poker, blackjack, slot machines, live casino and any other casino games you may wish to play.

Can I use Casino Neteller for the online casinos on my mobile? Is there a downloadable Neteller app?

If you want to access Neteller on your mobile, you can download the Neteller app so you can always log in, complete transfers, view transfer status, see balance and much more. This is a new and very good app! You will be able to access your Neteller account right from your mobile so you have this with you at all times. Then you can log in and make payments in your online casino with Neteller mobile and start receiving your free spins in addition to the exciting Neteller bonus. You can also choose your own currency, whether it is USD, EUR or NOK, and then just start!

Where should I go if I have any problems with online casino Neteller and how it works?

If you are uncertain or wonder about something, Neteller customer service can always be contacted. Since neteller is an e-wallet used in several Norwegian cations online, be sure to get the help you need. Here, Neteller has used its customers' Neteller experiences to help you find the answer to what you are wondering. Or you can call Neteller phone, you can find this number on the website. At Neteller you can also become a VIP and get better deals and solutions. To become a Neteller flip, simply contact the VIP department to see how this works. By becoming a Neteller VIP and using their banking solutions for transfers when you have to pay online you will get a lot out of your money. Becoming a VIP customer is almost a bonus because Neteller has one of the very best VIP programs in the industry. You can also read useful information on Neteller's website. On their website you can see a simple overview of all Neteller casinos for Neteller Gambling. Becoming a member and getting an account with Neteller is free and it's just a click away! Many Norwegian customers are very satisfied with Neteller! Become a customer now and let Neteller look after your money and make your own judgment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Neteller when we pay? Here we have created a simple table so you can see for yourself.

Benefits Disadvantages
Neteller is a safe alternative to regular banks with fast and encrypted transactions. Being fully verified at Neteller is a long process
Neteller is accepted in almost all online casinos around the world Neteller charges fees for most of its services
Neteller + MasterCard lets you make physical Neteller withdrawals at ATMs. At Neteller, there are daily limits on several of your transactions
Malta Gaming Authority
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Play License Malta - a Great Player when it comes to Online Gaming!

Malta's casino license is a very popular offering among online casinos. The regulators are the Malta Gaming Authority and are responsible for both online casinos and traditional, land-based casinos in Malta. Malta is considered a pioneer in the regulation of online gaming . They are today regarded as a respected institution by all actors around Europe. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you train to understand Malta Gaming Authority.

Who is the Malta Gaming Authority and what kind of gaming license do they provide online casinos?

Malta is located far out in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia. At the beginning of the 21st century, the country debated how to regulate the electronic gaming market as it had become very popular. The country wanted to draft a law to provide a safe and secure gaming environment. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was founded in 2001 and its original name was the Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA). Today, MGA is one of the most important regulators in iGamingen. MGA plays with open cards and you will find all information about their processes under Frequently Asked Questions.

MGA's role is to select reliable gaming operators that ensure that casino games work well. MGA also acts as an intermediary between players and operators if serious problems arise. The licenses issued impose many requirements and obligations on the companies that have received them. The obligations are the same whether the casinos offer casino games, sports betting or poker. The primary obligations in their gaming license apply to age control and the granting of protective measures in connection with responsible gaming. Other obligations to which the casinos bind are the requirement to verify the identity of the players and the operators 'obligations to respond to the players' complaints within a reasonable time.

The Malta Gaming Authority has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. Here are the key points for their casino license.

  • Their mission is to issue casino licenses to casinos in order to protect the player's interests.
  • MGA will ensure that the casinos respect their responsible gaming obligations to prevent gambling addiction. The casinos will also introduce measures to prevent criminal activity. They also have to make sure that those who play are of ordinary people.
  • MGS's licenses apply to both land-based casinos and online casinos.
  • To confirm if an online casino is licensed by MGA you can visit the casino and look for the MGA logo at the bottom of the front page. By clicking on the logo you will be redirected to MGA's website where you can see if the casino's gaming license Malta is valid or not. If in doubt, you can contact MGA directly and they will help you.

We can highlight some points that will make it even easier to understand MGA and their important role

  1. MGA is extremely influential in the iGaming world. Every year, the hosts of the SiGMA conference are held in Malta. This is a large, international conference that covers everything in the iGaming industry.
  2. MGA can grant 4 different licenses: a casino game license, a sports betting license, a poker license, and a license regulating the activity of the gaming vendors and operators. The four licenses come with different obligations as well as different tax rates.
  3. MGA works impartially, which can be seen by visiting their website. The licensor works openly and responsibly, and they respect both players and operators.
  4. Do you doubt whether your casino is licensed even if the logo appears on the casino page? You can easily identify which licensors are licensed by finding a search feature on the site where you can search for valid licensed operators.

The Malta Gaming Authority has a good reputation in the industry and helps many online casinos every year

Are you ready for MGA Entertainment? To be entertained by a casino that has such a splendor license? MGA's license is very popular with online casinos, which is why you will find many casinos that have such a quality stamp on their site. You can easily see if the website you want to play on has a license number for it to be clearly displayed on the website. By playing at a casino that has such a license that Malta offers you will be guaranteed safe and fair gaming. Don't waste your precious time, sign up and play at a casino found in our top 5 list at the top of this page. These are good casinos where you get help opening an account and there is guaranteed fair play.